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4 Amazing Alpaca Bowls That Will Blow You Away

The Top 4 Alpaca Bowls For A Smooth Shisha Experience

With the variety of hookah bowls the Alpaca Bowl Company keeps pumping out, which Alpaca bowl best suits you? Well today we are going to discuss the top 4 Alpaca Bowls that will blow you away....literally! As you may already know, Alpaca bowls are world renowned hookah accessories that are designed out of high quality American clay! These bowls tend to last you for quite some time and are known to be strong and sturdy. Best of all, Alpaca bowls are better known for their ability to prolong your hookah sessions due to the thickness of clay materials which can withstand heat. Alpaca bowls are glazed with unique mixes of colours to add that touch of modern to your hookah may it be a traditional or modern pipe. So lets jump into it! Which Alpaca bowl best suits you and your pack?! 

Alpaca Apache Bowl 

Alpaca Apache - Hookah Bowl - Oxide Hookah


Alpaca Apache is one of Alpaca Bowl Company's flagship hookah bowls. Based on our research, the Apache bowl is used with all different types of modern and traditional flavours. The Apache features a traditional inner spire with 7 punctures for air passage. The Alpaca Apache does work with a heat management system such as the Kaloud Lotus heat management system and also works with foil for those who like to keep it simple and traditional. This bowl holds roughly 20-25 grams of shisha molasses. 


Alpaca Rook Bowl

Alpaca Rook - Hookah Bowl - Oxide Hookah

Alpaca Rook is another popular model by the manufacturer. This hookah bowl is similar to the Apache mentioned above except it has one large air passage puncture in the centre to allow optimal airflow. The Alpaca Rook also uses 20-25 grams of shisha and can be used with any flavour of your liking. Most people purchasing the Rook are looking for a more wider draw for their sessions hence the single large centre hole for air flow. 


Alpaca LiPache- Apache With A LipAlpaca Lipache - Hookah Bowl - Oxide Hookah

The Lipache is the Apache bowls lipped version! Same design as the Alpaca Apache but with lips! Why the lips you ask? Well, to hold a heat management system of course. The Lipache is the perfect hookah bowl for your HMD to ensure all the heat gets transferred over to your shisha perfectly. Lipache holds 20 to 25 grams of shisha depending on how dense you pack. 


Alpaca LeRook- Lipped Alpaca


Again, another version of another brother! The LeRook is also the lipped versions of the Alpaca Rook Bowl! Same awesome design but lipped to carry an HMD. The LeRook is definitely an eye pleaser with all the different variety glazes Alpaca Bowl Company makes. Hold up to 25 grams of shisha.


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