Top 3 Alpaca Bowls

Top 3 Alpaca Hookah Bowls

Top 3 Alpaca Hookah Bowls by Alpaca Bowl Company

A new hookah bowl producer based in the United States has been receiving a lot of attention lately and for the right reasons. Alpaca Bowl Company is based out of Anaheim, California and produces high quality hookah bowls with the strongest clay on the market alongside the most beautiful finished glazes to compliment any hookah. Due to their high quality production, Alpaca bowls are known to be very heat resistant which tends to be a major key in maintaining a pleasant and long shisha session. The trick behind Alpaca's bowl production is the thickness and density of the US white clay used to produce these highly reputable hookah accessories. Having a thicker and dense build allows your shisha to cook a lot slower while producing thick smoke and bursting flavours. With the introduction of Alpaca Bowl Company, today we would like to share with you our top 3 Alpaca Hookah bowls and why they are classified as such. 

1- Alpaca Rook Bowl

Alpaca Rook Bowl - Green Moss

The Alpaca Rook is a phunnel styled bowl designed with very thick walls to allow proper heat management and prevents from scorching sessions. Being a phunnel styled bowl, the Rook does not have any restriction when inhaling smoke due to having only one large opening in the centre allowing full airflow. This will allow you to take drags without any effort and will also allow more smoke to travel through your hookah. Another feature the Alpaca Rook possesses is the lifted centre opening we discussed as this allows your juices to stay in the base of the bowl rather than leaking into your stem. Having this feature also prolongs your sessions as the flavouring and glycerin remains soaked into the molasses and slows down the bake of your shisha. Rook is also a Heat Management System compatible bowl.

2- Alpaca Apache Bowl

Alpaca Apache Bowl - Orange

The Alpaca Apache bowl is another top Alpaca bowl due to its design allowing full clouds of thick smoke bursting with flavour. The Apache bowl is designed similarly to an Egyptian clay bowl and contains the 7 inner vents of a traditional hookah but still maintains the new modern phunnel design. With the Alpaca Apache you are able to pack your bowl without juices leaking into your hookah stem due to the phunnel interior surrounding the lifted centre which possess the vents. Being an Alpaca bowl, the Apache phunnel is designed with high quality USA clay and comes in a variety of coloured gazes. Apache also is heat management system compatible.

3- Alpaca Mini Rook

Alpaca Mini Rook Bowl - Teal

The Alpaca Mini Rook is the last bowl from Alpaca Bowl Company which we believe deserves to be in the top 3 of Alpaca bowls. The Mini Rook is the smaller version of the original styled Rook Alpaca Bowl. The Mini Rook hookah bowl was designed for those who want a phunnel designed bowl but want to use less shisha and enjoy shorter sessions. The Mini Rook by Alpaca carries roughly 10-15 grams of shisha based on your pack method and allows shisha sessions to smoke from 45 minutes to 1 hour. Mini Rook comes in multiple glazes and is also designed out of the same high quality materials we mentioned above. Paired with the AOT provost, Mini Rook can get longer duration sessions.


And there you have it folks. We hope you enjoyed this quick post on the Top 3 Alpaca Hookah Bowls.

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