The Ultimate Guide To Buying a Hookah in Canada

The Ultimate Guide To Buying a Hookah in Canada

In todays post, we will be discussing how to go about buying a hookah in Canada. With so many choices out there, how could one possibly make the right decision in purchasing a brand new hookah within Canada without paying all of the extra costs on customs and duties? How can you know if the hookah pipe you are looking at purchasing is the right one for you? Does size matter? Well, you came to the right place to get all of these answers. Not only did you step upon a piece of knowledge online, but you also stumbled across Canada's leading hookah retailer! Focused on bringing you the best hookah products in the global market, Oxide Hookah is here to help you pick up the best smoking hookah based on your wants and needs! With this ultimate guide to buying a hookah in Canada, you'll be able to understand the differences in what makes the right hookah for your needs and we shall go through a breakdown of styles, shapes, sizes and origin so that you can identify what's best suited for you! So lets dive in and get you started on buying the right hookah here in Canada.

What Hookah Style Should You Consider?

When purchasing your hookah, you want to be sure you are choosing the right style that suits your preference. Buying a hookah in Canada is actually a lot more simple than it may seem when you are trying to identify the style of your dreams. Generally speaking, there are 2 main styles of hookahs, traditional hookahs and modern hookahs. What significantly separates these two types of hookah pipes apart is how they are assembled and used. For example, a traditional styled hookah contains the regular parts that you would normally identify with a hookah pipe. These parts include a hookah stem, ash tray, hookah hose & a glass base. These are the fundamental parts of a traditional hookah, whereas a modern hookah may tend to look a lot different in shape and size and could be simply designed out of one material such as glass or acrylic plastic. In the diagram below, the two major styles are shown to help simplify what we mean. On the left side of the diagram, you can see that the traditional hookah has all of the major components and stand at a vertical stance whereas to your right, the modern hookah is completely different in shape and size and stands at lower stance. The components in both hookahs will still generate smoke the as you have the main components (stem & base) however in different forms. Therefore, consider what type of styled hookah you are looking and we can then proceed to the next step to help you with purchasing your hookah in Canada.


Traditional Hookah VS Modern Hookah -

Traditional Style Hookah Vs Modern Style Hookah


Does Your Hookah Size Matter When Buying a Hookah?

Now that we've figured out what style of hookah you have considered, lets talk about size and if it really matters! Of course size matters silly, don't you want the best of your pleasures? Serious talk though, what size of hookah should you consider? The size of your hookah should be considered with your lifestyle and how you plan to use it. Will you be traveling with your hookah? Are you considering a new hookah just for personal use at home? Are you wanting something to sit on a tabletop or are you into the whole traditional style of things and wanting it sitting on the ground by your side? It all depends on your needs and how you want to go about the size of your hookah. If you are travelling with a hookah whether its going to your friends house or taking it with you on a vacation, consider purchasing a portable sized hookah. If you are looking for something more for your own personal use while watching a movie at home and winding down after a long days work, then you can go for a full sized hookah. It all comes down to your own preference. A few things to consider when choosing the size of your hookah are listed below to help you in purchasing the proper hookah for you in Canada.

Hookah Size Considerations

  • Use for travel portability
  • Use for indoors and home
  • Ease of sanitary maintenance
  • Use for guests and parties
  • Consideration of available space for your hookah

Ultimate hookah guide

    Which Design? Hand-Made or Machined Hookahs? 

    This one is a good one to consider. When purchasing your hookah here in Canada, it is very important to justify just what type of quality you are looking for in a hookah pipe. Most hookahs that fall under the traditional category of hookah shisha pipes are hand made by talented artisans from across the globe. This adds a bit of unique qualities in each hookah as there may be a couple of small imperfections in the design of your pipe. Handmade items often take time to produce and adds that extra touch to the authenticity of your hookah pipe based on its origins. Generally speaking, hand made hookahs are often designed and put together in countries such as Egypt, Turkey and even the United States. Lots of love are put into these hookahs and are imported from all over the globe to be made made available here in Canada. We've gone ahead and added a list of handmade brands to consider for your hookah purchase.

    Hand-Crafted Hookah Brands

    Handmade Hookah | Oxide Hookah

    Hand-crafted items are always special and add that extra factor of authenticity when it comes down to your hookah pipe but what if you are a perfectionist? What if you are OCD and very detail oriented? What if you can't stand a single imperfection? Well, then your best option would be to go with a machined hookah. Machined hookahs fall under the category of modern hookahs as they are generally mass produced by CNC machines and are flawless in design. Modern hookahs also vary in design and shape! Here are a few brands that are designed by machine.

    Machined Hookahs

    Machined Hookah | Oxide Hookah

    Which Hookah Design Should You Get?

    Alright, so when it comes down to hookah design, this is totally a personal preference thing.  With preference though there are a few things to consider. With different types of materials being used to manufacture hookahs these days, you are probably asking yourself which hookah will perform better when considering the design type of you're hookah. Should you get a glass hookah? Wooden hookah? Brass hookah? Carbon fibre even? Most hookahs we discussed earlier generally smoke very similar these days. It mostly comes down to how you pack your hookah bowl and what type of hookah bowl you are using which you can find out more in our other post of packing the perfect hookah bowl. Some hookahs have a wide open draw and are very smooth while others may have a little restriction. This all depends mainly on the stem diameter of the hookah itself. Here at Oxide Hookah we ensure to include these small details within the product description. Back to topic though, when choosing the design type of hookah you want to consider the following:

    Things To Consider When Choosing The Material of Your Hookah

    • Durability of the material 
    • Portability & Usage
    • Maintenance of the material

    Where Can I Purchase a Hookah in Canada?

    Why that's a great question! Well to answer that one is simple. We here at Oxide Hookah are Canada's hookah pipe experts. We've been providing Canadians with the best hookah products and support since 2014. When we established ourselves here in Canada, there was huge gap in the hookah market in comparison to other countries around the globe so we decided to make it our mission to make a change and supply Canadians with real high functioning hookah pipes and accessories. We are about giving the customer what they need when they need it and our team is always there to help. We also stand by our genuine and authentic guarantee policy to ensure you receive the best quality product. Don't settle for knockoffs, help support the real innovators of the hookah industry! Buy your new hookah in Canada here ate Oxide Hookah.

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