The Hookah Smokers Guide To Shisha Bowls

The Hookah Smokers Guide To Shisha Bowls

Shisha Bowls

Hello and welcome to another guide and tutorial by Oxide Hookah. Today we are going to take a real deep dive into hookah-shisha bowls. By the end of this post, you will be a hookah head master! As an avid hookah smoker, you are going to need to understand and learn the skills & knowledge necessary so that you can understand hookah culture and enjoy/serve the best hookah smoke sessions ever created by mankind! We will be going in depth about topics such as the different types and styles of shisha bowls, how to pack them, various types of materials used to manufacture hookah bowls and so on. So, go ahead, grab a cup-a-coffee & get comfortable, this one is going to be a really good read.

Hookah Bowl Types

Ok, so let us start this off by going through the various types of shisha bowls. We are now in 2020 where there are now various styles, shapes & designs of hookah bowls within the shisha industry. With all of these new features, figures & sizes, each hookah bowl is packed & smoked differently. There are mainly 3 different types of bowls for shisha, so by understanding how these three work, you'll be able to navigate and use the rest of the bowls on the market. 

Shisha Bowl Types

  1. Egyptian Bowl
  2. Phunnel Bowl
  3. Lipped Bowl

1) Egyptian Bowl For Shisha

Egyptian Bowl For Hookah Smoking

The Egyptian bowl is the most common type of head piece for shisha pipes. It is generally hand thrown out of red clay and is manufactured mainly in Egypt, hence the name. The Egyptian style hookah bowl (a.k.a the EGY Bowl) is designed with 5-6 air vents in the centre of the inner-bowl to allow smoke to transfer into the stem. These bowls are pretty cheap in price since they mainly contain imperfections in the final design. The EGY hookah bowl is commonly used for traditional shisha tobacco flavours such as double apple or grape. Foil is commonly used with the Egyptian shisha head to manage heat with charcoal. 

Although the Egyptian shisha head was and is still made in Egypt, new variations and styles have been designed in to replicate its functionality but take new forms in design. Such shisha bowls exist & have taken a new modern twist on the original bowl but with various glazes, precise designs & less imperfections.

2) Phunnel Bowl For Shisha

Phunnel Hookah Head

The phunnel hookah bowl is now the more common accessory in todays shisha smokings new age or modern hookah era. The phunnel bowl is typically manufactured out of clay but there have been many variations of the phunnel design manufactured out of different types of ceramics, aluminum & silicone. The phunnel head is still cylindrical in shape but rather than having multiple smoke vents on the interior of the bowls structure, it consists of only one large extruded opening for smoke transfer. The phunnel design is actually an improvement for shisha smokers as with older bowls such as the Egyptian head, juices from the shisha molasses would seep into the stem causing the tobacco to dry out during a session resulting in the loss of flavour whereas the phunnel style now preserves the juices and flavours within the hookah tobacco and therefore prolongs ones smoke sessions. The phunnel shisha head also improves on smoke transfer by allowing the draw to become less restricted when on inhales or takes a draw providing a smoother and effortless session.

3) Lipped Bowls For Hookah

Lipped hookah bowls are basically shisha head with lips. Im serious, thats all it is. Either a phunnel type bowl or EGY type bowl surrounded with a lip on its out ridge. Why the lip you ask? Simple, HMD's. The acronym of HMD's Stands for hookah heat management systems. You have probably come across us discussing HMD's in our past posts and what they do but in brief what they do is carry hookah charcoal and replaces tinfoil for smoother and cleaner smoke. They also allow and manage proper heat transfer to your liking. These new lipped hookah bowls are basically the same models we discussed but just have that extra build around the ridges to hold the HMD almost like a glove holding a ball. This feature is to secure your hookah heat manager from moving and adds that extra layer of security. 

Universal Hookah Packing Technique

Packing A Hookah Bowl

Ok, so you've probably wondered how to pack a hookah bowl for thick smoke so that you can enjoy the perfect smoke session but either cant find enough definitive info online or each one of your fellow hookah smokers has their own methods of packing a bowl. Today we will be providing the most universal way to pack a shisha bowl. It is actually quite simple and doesn't require too much work especially for most brands such as Al-Fakher & Fumari. Whether you're trying to pack an Egyptian bowl or a silicone hookah bowl, the concept is the same. Follow the instructions below. 

How To Pack The Perfect Hookah Bowl

  1. Ensure that your hookah shisha bowl is clean
  2. Mix shisha tobacco to allow a a complete mix
  3. Allow shisha tobacco to breathe/acclimate for 5 minutes.
  4. Find a flat surface to pack your bowl
  5. Grab a hand full of hookah flavoured molasses and separate
  6. Sprinkle in the hookah flavour so that it remains fluffy & airy with in your bowl
  7. Ensure that the shisha is levelled no more than below 1 mm from the ridge of the bowl
  8. Add Foil or HMD onto the shisha bowl
  9. Cook or light natural hookah charcoal completely (till amber) for best results
  10. Allow 3-5 minutes for your hookah bowl to completely heat up
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