Purchasing a Hookah in the United States of America

Purchasing a Hookah in the United States of America

Dear fellow Americans,

Oxide Hookah ships hookahs and accessories to the United States of America! With the USD now being so much stronger than the Canadian Dollar, now is the opportunity to save some cash on your favourite hookah products. Just north of the border, Oxide Hookah is conveniently located only 3 hours away from the state of Montana. Our shipping rates are automatically generated to fulfill the service you require. Choose from "Expedited Parcel Shipping" (5-7 Business Days Delivery) or "Priority shipping" (1-2 Business Days Delivery) depending on how quick you would like your favourite hookahs or accessories delivered. As our shipping provider, CanadaPost helps deliver our packages by transferring shipments to its American partner (USPS) for your convenience. You may easily track your items with the same CanadaPost waybill number provided by us once your item is on its way to you. 

Oxide Hookah also allows you to view product pricing in American currency by simply checking off the USD currency converter located on the top left corner of our website. Payments will be then generated in Canadian Currency to provide you with an even better rate when checking out.

Canada is Americas most valued partner in trade globally making our country also the most reliable and secure for Americans to import products. With the support of our fellow Americans, we continue to establish a strong relationship and build on our products to provide you with excellent customer service and also top notch quality control which many others vendors tend to miss from time to time. Oxide Hookah has been serving Americans for over 4 years now and continues to satisfy citizens of the USA with only top of the line products from highly reputable manufactures around the globe. Your one stop shop to purchase your hookahs and accessories is Oxide Hookah! Check out our collection of products for your opportunity in purchasing hookahs and accessories conveniently from the United States of America.

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