Mod Your Hookah For Better Performance

Mod Your Hookah With The Right Hookah Accessories

At Oxide Hookah, we really stand by the term "Quality Matters". Our goal is to provide you with perfect products that will give you an amazing shisha session. By doing so we suggest modding your standard hookah by adding new accessories! Here are a couple of suggestions!


1. Change Your Hose

Eventually your standard hose will begin to hold unwanted flavours. We suggest you upgrade your hose to the D-Hose. The D-Hose is a medical grade silicon hose that is designed to be cleaned easily removing all of your ghosting flavours and keeping your sessions full of bursting taste! The D-Hose also withstands up to 400F just incase you get clumsy and accidentally drop your coals onto it.  


2. Add a New Bowl To Your Collection

It never hurts to add a new bowl to your collection. Depending on which type of shisha you are using you definitely want to make sure you are using the proper equipment. The most common used bowls today are the standard Egyptian bowls but what not many know is Egyptian bowls are actually meant to be used mainly for dryer tobaccos. Since most shisha tobacco's on the market today are more juicier, you want to make sure to preserve the flavours in the juice rather then letting them drain through your stem.To properly manage this we recommend switching over to a Vortex Bowl or a Phunnel Bowl.


3. Get Some Heat Management

Of course we all know the basics of making a shisha, right? Light the coals and throw them on and now your good to go.....theres more to it. If your using those quick lights that maybe the case but if you are a hookah enthusiast or you really want an enjoyable session without all the burning flavours then the best way to go about managing your heat is modding your hookah with a Kaloud Lotus, Oduman Ignis, AOT Provost or a Flavor Saver. With these products you are able to throw your coals on and not have to worry throughout your sessions providing you with relaxation and of course thunder clouds!

Hope you enjoyed our "Mod Your Hookah" Post! 

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