Khalil Mamoon VS Shika - Pros & Cons

Khalil Mamoon VS Shika

When it comes to traditional pipes, two names come to mind. Shika & Khalil Mamoon. Each of these water pipe makers is founded in Egypt and is unique for featuring distinguishable attributes in their products. Today we will discuss both brands to help you determine which of these brands sufficiently fits your hookah requirements.

Khalil Mamoon Hookahs - The Household Brand

Khalil Maamoon

The Khalil-Mamoon company has existed since 1873. Initially, the organization concentrated on furniture and household commodities and was named after the proprietor. Hookahs were such a top-selling item that they redirected their priority to strictly manufacturing tobacco pipes. After shifting their company focus, they still retained the trademark title bearing the owner's name. Today, we use the acronym KM for Khalil-Maamoon. Khalil pipes are the most aged brand known internationally to manufacture water bongs for tobacco. Each component is still hand-crafted and assembled by blacksmiths who work on a full-time basis in Cairo.

Reputable for their designs, pipes come in hundreds of variations and are as unique as their handwrought process. Brass is the most common raw material used to develop and manufacture at the factory. Artisans take the time to etch each stem so that the final result is breathtaking. Each Maamoon delivers a smooth draw and typically smokes the same, whether or not it's a mini or a full-sized pipe. These pipes are mass-produced and are economically inexpensive.

Shika Hookahs - Luxurious Egyptian Pipes

Shika Hookahs

Shika Hookahs have been around since 2013. They started producing simple and classical designed pipes. Fast-forward 10 years later, Shika is the new big boy in town. Shikas are known to be the luxury class of Egyptian hookah pipes. Authentic and also hand-crafted, Shika is a leading merchandiser in the industry! Each piece is created with time and care. The details of the etchings and style prove it. Also established in Old Cairo, pipes are built of high-quality brass and are completed and polished to perfection.

Shika can be distinguished from other makers by how they build and sell their creations to the end user. The pipe-maker prides itself on staying graceful and customary while adding qualities to conform to the modern world. Each complete package possesses washable hoses to assure buyers can use multiple flavours in their stems, compared to other brands that don't provide this option. Another alternative the company has decided to incorporate is Phunnel heads that fit heat systems which is essentially the new norm. These captivating pipes harbour the popularity of being wide-gauged, which implies no restraint while taking a drag. Shika pipes are limited in quantity as they are seasonal items due to the longevity of producing an individual stem. The most recent rendition from the maker is the V4.5 line which incorporates revamped features such as an open purge valve and adjustments to the weldings for a more refined and crisp appearance.

Which Pipe is For You?

Now that we have gone over both brands, which hookah best serves you? Are you looking for affordability? Do you want a luxury hookah with high performance? What is your fancy in aesthetics? You get to decide. Regardless of which pipe works for you, check out our hookah website and online shop for all your hookah smoking essentials.

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