The Kaloud Lotus I+ Is Now Available In Black (Niris)

Hey guys, welcome to another awesome post by Oxide Hookah! Today we will be doing a quick introduction on the latest hookah heat management system by Kaloud. Kaloud originally started off its company by introducing its original Kaloud Lotus V1 and has since then expanded its lineup. Today we are specifically going to discuss the newest Kaloud Lotus Plus model, the "Kaloud Lotus I+ Niris" also known AKA " the black lotus". So let's jump into this and discuss some of the cool new features of the new black Lotus Plus.

Kaloud Lotus Niris

Black Kaloud Lotus 1+

The latest model by the company is perfect in every single way. First off, they have finally listened to us and given us the products we have been waiting for the longest time. The fact that the Kaloud lotus is now in black just makes us so much happier. The new heat management device just looks so much cleaner in black! When you add it to the top of your hookah bowl, it just looks much more sleek than the original and almost gives it a "Dark Knight" vibe to the entire setup. The black variation of the new lotus i+ has is a deep matte black and is of course embraced with the Kaloud company logo on both the lid and the coal holder of the hmd. With the colour option, I personally believe you are going to see some sweet hookah sets that have this thing sitting at the top. 

The Black Lotus Plus

Lotus Plus in Black


As we mentioned before, this is basically the upgraded model of the original Kaloud Lotus Plus model, so same-same but new! However just in case you do not currently own the Plus model by Kaloud we are going to do a quick run-down of its features. Check out the specs below! 

Black Kaloud Lotus Heat Management System Features

  • Prevents ashes from contaminating shisha flavour
  • Proper heat distribution to entire hookah bowl
  • Enhances the flavours of hookah-shisha tobacco
  • Carries up to 3 full size cube coals
  • Fits most hookah bowls on the market
  • Designed to also fit with Kaloud Samsaris Vitria bowls
  • Manufactured with food grade safe aluminum
  • Features interior coal carriers to allow airflow for your charcoal
  • Compatible with coconut hookah coals
  • Prolongs the smoke session of your hookah
  • Ventilation cover with handle for managing heat

Why You Should Own The New Kaloud Lotus I+ Niris

You should definitely own one of these! Here are a couple of reasons why:

  1. The Black Lotus HMD will help prolong your smoke sessions while enhancing flavour
  2. The new lotus head will prevent scorching of your shisha tobacco
  3. Will prevent any ashes to interfere with your sessions
  4. Makes smoking hookah indoors much safer and will help prevent coals from falling off and burning your carpet
  5. It looks sexy and sleek
  6. Made readily available to ship internationally including Canada, USA and the UK
  7. Easy to use and still has handle attached to the cover (Kaloud Lotus II model does not)
  8. Includes a limited lifetime warranty by Kaloud Hookah Inc.

Kaloud Lotus 1+ Price

The Kaloud Lotus 1+ is available for $89.99 CAD at Oxide Hookah. You can get this hmd for sale directly by ordering online. If you are a business you can get the kaloud lotus wholesale by contacting us directly.

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