Kaloud Lotus Hookah Heat Management System

by Oxide Hookah on July 29, 2015

Kaloud Lotus Hookah Heat Management System HMD Overview

The Kaloud Lotus Hookah heat management system is the perfect accessory for your shisha bowl. Long gone are the days of using tinfoil when using the Kaloud Lotus. Simply pack your bowl & throw on the lotus filled with your natural charcoals. Your shisha sessions will last longer and improve the taste of your smoke while providing you with bigger, better, and thicker clouds.

The Kaloud lotus also allows you to maintain your heat at a perfect level. Simply use the vent cover included by swivelling the handle to open and close. This will allow you to pack in more heat or release heat to keep the flavour of your hookah session pleasant. We recommend you use a HookahJohn Harmony Bowl, Alpaca Rook or Apache bowl, and various other bowls we offer for best results. The Kaloud Lotus is designed in the U.S.A & is made of high quality and safe materials.

If your looking for the optimal accessory for your hookah sessions then the Kaloud Lotus is definitely the product to pick up. No more foil, no more poking holes, simply add on top of your bowl and your set to smoke. 

We hope you enjoyed this quick post on the Kaloud Lotus! Looking to pick this up then head over to the links below. Feel free to leave a comment with you questions and thoughts. 

For more details check out the product page for the Kaloud Lotus V1 at Oxide Hookah.

Updated Model of 2018 : Kaloud Lotus I+

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