Introducing The New SAOCCA Hookah Pipe

Introducing The New SAOCCA Hookah Pipe

SAOCCA Hookah by HookahJohn

The time is finally here folks! The new SAOCCA hookah is finally available at Oxide Hookah. SAOCCA is the latest creation & the first hookah pipe by Hookah John. As you know, Oxide Hookah & HookahJohn have been partners for over six years now. We have carried his hookah bowls, Titanium Coals, Narbish hoses & crystal bases. Now we present to you the first hookah pipe by the HJ brand. Lets check out the new SAOCCA hookah & talk about why this is such a great pipe!

SAOCCA Hookah is 100% American


Thats right! This hookah is produced & manufactured in the United States out of American Aluminum. Not only that but the type of aluminium used to produce the SAOCCA is the best type of aluminum money can buy! Shaped & designed out of aero-grade C6061-T6 aluminum & etched by machine, the HookahJohn hookah is a beast that will last you a lifetime. This HJ shisha pipe is also built to be dissembled for easy cleaning. SAOCCA includes a traditional hookah chamber for easy assembly with any modern or traditional hookah base with the right grommet. Smoking out of this pipe will be a breeze as the hose ports on this shisha stem is wide open.

SAOCCA Hookah Tray

SAOCCA Hookah Tray

The SAOCCA stem includes an amazing hookah tray. The precision in design for this shisha tray was well thought out. Ever place your hookah coals on a tray only to find them blacked out at the bottom? Not with this heavy duty tray. Featured with this tray are machine cut pyramid carriers to allow your hookah coals to breathe & prevent them from suffocating & blacking out. The SAOCCA tray is also manufactured out of all-American aluminum & CNC machined & comes in three different anodized colours (Gold, Silver, Black).

What Is Included With The SAOCCA Hookah Stem?

The SAOOCA stem comes beautifully packaged and includes all necessary hookah accessories to get started. The package includes the SAOCCA stem of course alongside the premium machined hookah tray we mentioned earlier. You will also receive two purge ball bearings (plastic & metal), a hookah bowl gasket & a hookah base grommet to assemble with any shisha base of your liking!


What Hookah Accessories Pairs Well With The SAOCCA Stem?

HookahJohn BaseKnurl Hookah Hose by HJ

Great question! Everything HookahJohn is your answer. Thats right, setup your new SAOCCA hookah right & make it an all HJ hookah setup. We offer HookahJohn hookah bowls like the Retro Harmony bowl, Ferris Bowl & 80 Feet 80 Bowl. We also carry Czech Bohemian bases by HJ that you can add to your hookah setup. The Knurl hose will make the optimal hose to smoke with! You get the idea, so go ahead & order your brand new SAOCCA hookah setup today at Oxide Hookah.

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