International Hookah & Shisha Product Orders

International Hookah Orders at Oxide Hookah

Oxide Hookah is happy to announce that we now accept orders internationally. Whether you are in the United StatesUnited Kingdom, Australia, Mexico or even Brazil, you can now place a an order for a hookah or accessory. Its simple, just follow the steps below to place an order.

View Our Collection

View our large collection of Hookah products and accessories. Oxide Hookah carries the best hookah products available in the hookah industry. Click on add to cart to prepare your product for checkout.

Go To Checkout

Click on the cart icon to take you to your order. Here you will see your order summary and also our coupon code section. Add your code if available and proceed to the next step.

Add Your Delivery Address

 Make sure your shipping address is correct to prevent delays and to allow your product to arrive to your without any hassles. Please ensure to include all details including postal code, apartment or house number and

Select Your Shipping Method 

Choose your shipping method based on how fast you want your order to arrive to you. We offer shipping rates to ensure you have full control on how fast you want your hookah or accessory delivered to you. 


Pay For Your Order

Oxide Hookah allows you to use many different payment methods to pay for your order.  For the safest method, use PayPal to prevent any delays. All of our orders are double checked to ensure your information is correct and that intact there is a physical address. If we have any questions we will contact you directly using your phone number or email. 
Note: If you have any special requests please ensure to add any notes in the "Comment Section" on the Cart page.

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