HookahJohn Harmony Phunnel Hookah Bowl

HookahJohn Harmony Phunnel Hookah Bow Overview

Are you looking for a hookah bowl that will last you a couple of rounds of charcoal? Tired of packing a bowl of shisha that only lasts you for half an hour while you have company over? Sick of having your juices run down you hookah stem only to cause a mess? Don't worry Oxide Hookah has the perfect solution for you! Introducing the HookahJohn (HJ) Harmony Phunnel hookah Bowl! 

After tons of research and development, our good friend John over at HookahJohn has developed the latest and greatest bowl to help you resolve all of the issues your having stated above. The Harmony Phunnel hookah bowl is designed to prolong your shisha sessions while maintaining the cleanliness of your hookah. With the HJ Harmony phunnel bowl, you can pack as much as 25-30 grams of shisha, enough to last you for up to two hours. 

The HJ Harmony bowl was developed after the creator of Tangiers Tobacco had designed his own bowl exclusively for his dark leaf tobacco. The design was completely different than the standard Egyptian hookah bowl or vortex bowl. It only had one centre hole which created a vortex effect for shisha smoke to travel smoothly into your pipe. After this creation John was able to create his own styled bowl with a similar design of having the centre phunnel rise to prevent shisha and juices dripping into your stem. This method also helps with preserving flavour and juices so that your sessions don't dry out as fast and prolong shisha sessions! 

Materials used to design the Harmony bowl are 100% American materials including the stoneware white clay and beautiful glazes that are used to coat the bowls. Each Harmony bowl is hand crafted and designed by American artists! Brought to you by Oxide Hookah Canada!

If you liked this quick introduction on the HJ Harmony bowl and you'd like to learn more about packing this type of bowl check out our How To Pack The Perfect Shisha Bowl post to master the art of shisha bowl packing!

If you are interested in the HJ Harmony Bowl, check out our HookahJohn Bowl Collection.


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