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Hello and welcome to the Oxide Hookah Store. In this weeks deal, we have a few hookah bongs for sale. Our shisha bongs are all genuine and are imported directly from the manufacturer. Below are the current collections that are on clearance at your favourite Canadian Hookah Shop. 

Complete Hookah Bongs

Our current deals on a complete hookah bong are below. Complete pipes include all of the necessary shisha accessories in order to function. 

Sale - March 2021

Khalil Mamoon Shisha Bong Set - Strongman (Gold)  ($154.95 CAD)


The Khalil Mamoon Strongman (also known as the KM Antar) is a beautiful hookah set designed to enhance your smoke sessions with pure blissful flavour. Manufactured in Egypt, the Khalil Mamoon Antar is gold in coating and is designed of solid brass. This is a 1-hose hookah for sale. Smoke from your hookah tobacco or shisha molasses will taste even better with this water-pipe especially at a sale price of $154.95 CAD (Regular 189.95). This item comes with the complete set of the following items:

Complete Set Includes:

  • Hookah Stem (Gold Brass)
  • Glass Hookah Base
  • Charcoal Tray
  • Traditional hose
  • Tongs
  • Hookah bowl

Shika Hookah Set V4.5 - Tyrion ($274.95)

Shika Hookah - Tyrion V4.5

 Down from a regular price of $300 CAD, the Tyrion is a monster of a hookah by Shika. If you hadn't already known, it takes about a week for Shika Hookahs to be manufactured due to the fact that they are individually hand engraved to form their beautiful and traditional design. Shika's are the luxury level of pipes manufactured in Cairo Egypt. The V4.5 line is the latest from Shika.

Tyrion Shisha Set

  • Tyrion Hookah Stem - Hand Engraved
  • Glass Shisha Base - Jumbo base
  • Charcoal Tray - Hand Engraved
  • Traditional washable hose 
  • Tongs
  • Shisha Head

Shika Hookah - Iowaska Limited Edition ($299.95)

Iowaska - Shika Hookah V4.5

This beautiful Shika is a limited edition hookah. Very few have been made and is considered a rare species. The Iowaska takes even longer to manufacture and is one of the most artistic shisha pipes on the market with its beautiful hand-etched engravings. This solid brass pipe also sports a copper down stem to purify your smoke. Iowaska comes as a complete hookah set and include all of the necessities required to function. 

Iowska Hookah Setup

  • Limited Edition Iowaska Hookah Stem - Copper Downstem
  • Glass Shisha Base - Jumbo Size
  • Iowaska Charcoal Tray (engraved)
  • Traditional hose - Washable
  • Tongs
  • Shisha bowl


Hookah Stems

On sale this week we have an exclusive hookah sale on some of the most wanted shisha-pipe stems. What is hookah without full bodied, aromatic and amazing smoke? Check these guys out and pick one up to enhance your sessions.

Sale - March 2021

AOT Carbon1 Stem - Carbon Fibre Stem - ($309.95 CAD)

You know, there is a whole selection of gimmicky products out there in the hookah world with all these LED pipe sets that light up and have all these different spinners, and so on, cute, but let's get serious here. Let us get down to real business and drop the hammer.

The Carbon1 by AppleOnTop is exactly that. No messing around when it comes to this guy. He is completely built out of 100% carbon fibre with a stainless steel stem. This pipe is rust proof and heavy duty, one of the heaviest duty pipes on the market in fact. Includes a beautiful wide draw chamber that allows for no restriction. Advantages are all there! Creates large clouds, will never corrode and is carbon fibre. What more could you ask for? Oh, and almost forgot to mention, amazing setup for those car enthusiasts out there!

AppleOnTop Carbon1 Includes

  • Carbon Fiber Stem
  • AOT Silicone Purge Valve
  • Charcoal Tray

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