Clean Ghost Flavours From Your Hookah

Hookah Ghosting: Clean Ghost Flavours From Your Hookah

Tips on Cleaning Ghost Flavours From Your Hookah & Accessories

Hookah Ghosting: So this topic has been brought up a couple of times in regards to keeping your hookah clean and removing previous flavours out of your hookah stem, base or hose so today here are a couple of tips to keep your hookah clean and as well as to remove those unwanted flavours.

Clean Hookah Stem & Hookah Base:

  • Wash your hookah regularly using hot water and soap and scrub with a stem brush and base brush! Do not let your hookah sit for a couple days as it could rust and it just gets nasty after a while! Stay clean! 
  • When washing your hookah throw baking soda in your base and mix. You can use the mixed water already in the base and pour it into your stem afterwards then of course rinse out with clean water. 
  • Clean with Lemon and vinegar. Same steps as the previous using baking soda.

Cleaning Your Hookah Hose:  

Non-Washable Hookah Hose: 

Do NOT wash! Use this hose for a strong specific flavour such as double apple!

Washable Hookah Hose:

  • Depends on which hose your using, some could be thrown in the dishwasher such as the D-Hose. Nice and simple. 
  • Just rinse with hot water for a period of time. 
  • Baking Soda with water mix. Just rinse straight through 
  • Let your hose dry so no water remains during use.
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