Buy a Hookah in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Purchasing Genuine Hookahs in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Buy a Hookah in Halifax, Nova Scotia at

Purchasing an authentic hookah for Halifax residents has just gotten a lot more simple. Oxide Hookah provides residents of Halifax and Nova Scotia genuine hookahs and accessories from leading brands such as Khalil Mamoon, Shika, HJ and many more reputable hookah manufacturers. Check out the website to view our solid collection of high quality products.

Why Residents of Halifax Should Purchase From Oxide Hookah

Save on the USD rate: 

USD is stronger in comparison to the Canadian dollar. Don't pay those nasty currency conversion rates your banks charge when purchasing overseas. Pay in Canadian dollars.

Low Shipping Rates: 

Shipping from abroad will cost a lot more than shipping within Canada especially when its calculated in US currency. Minimal shipping to Canada from overseas vendors is minimal $75 USD

Fast Delivery:

Purchasing from a vendor other than us will take more time to make it to you especially if its crossing borders.

Save on Duties & Taxes:

Purchasing a hookah from outside of Canada results in a 7% tax excluding provincial tax due to the fact that hookahs and accessories are considered smoke products. Purchasing an item from us will save you the additional fees and the only thing you gotta pay is your provincial tax! We deal with all of the taxes and duties when we import hookahs into Canada and you receive your item without the hassle and last minute charges!

Reputable Canadian Organization:

Oxide Hookah is reputable of providing genuine products. All of our merchandise is tested before advertised on our website. We want to make sure you get the best out of your loonie.

Supporting a Canadian Company:

Purchasing from us will only make our products and services even better. Investing in Oxide Hookah will help us bring even better shipping services and more high quality products.

Knowledgable Staff: 

Have questions? Reach out to us! All of our staff are trained and educated on each product sold on our website. 

Free Shipping:

Residents of Halifax and Nova Scotia will qualify for free shipping on all orders $175 or more. 

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