7 Reasons You Should Buy a Hookah In Canada

7 Reasons to Buy a Hookah In Canada at Oxide Hookah

Ok, so you are looking to purchase a brand spanking new hookah set but do not know where to start! Luckily for you, you are at the right place at the right time. Enter Oxide Hookah, Canada's best hookah shop to buy a hookah online. Its been 6 years since we first opened up our hookah store online and boy has it been a journey! Over the past few years, a lot has changed within the Canadian hookah industry and we take huge pride for making that happen. When we opened up our hookah online website back in 2014, we had only maybe a model or two per hookah for sale by an Egyptian shisha company that goes by the name Khalil Mamoon, which you might be already familiar with. Enter 2020, (boy has it been a year) and we have a huge selection of shisha pipes & shisha accessories. Our variety consists of different pipes from all over the walks of earth. Whether you are looking to buy a modern hookah or traditional Egyptian hookah in Canada, we have what you need to enjoy a proper smoke session. Shisha tobacco products by leading brands are a necessary & common theme for us over here at Oxide-Hookah. If it isn't a quality piece then forget about it, we wont carry it! Our mission to is ensure that you get the best hookah at the best price along with top notch free shipping services and a whole lotta knowledge for you to get started. Our customer service department is always here to help you with getting your hookah setup properly along with a bunch of tips and tricks to help you enhance your hookah tobacco flavour. Now that you have a thorough rundown of why we are the best hookah store in Canada, below are a couple of more reasons why you should purchase a hookah online from us, your friendly neighbourhood hookah source!

7 Reasons You Should Buy a Hookah In Canada

  1. Avoid Conversion Rates For Hookahs Online
  2. Pay Less In Shipping Fees When You Buy A Hookah In Canada
  3. Receive Your Shisha Pipes & Accessories Faster
  4. Avoid Paying Customs & Duties On Shisha Tobacco Products
  5. Deal With A Trusted & Reputable Canadian Shisha Company
  6. Help Re-Build The Canadian Economy
  7. Large Selection Of Reliable & Genuine Hookah Tobacco Products

1- Avoid Conversion Rates For Hookahs Online

The first reason is a big one! Buying your shisha needs at Oxide Hookah Canada will help you save money. What more can you ask for? Get what you want and save on big ticket items. Cross-border shopping is always so difficult when it comes to ordering a hookah online. Theres always those pesty conversion rates that you have to pay for which at first glance can be deceiving. For instance, you're browsing the net for a shisha tobacco price and you end up on an American shisha website. The cart total ends up to be $120 dollars and you're cool with that. You end up completing the transaction and then head over to look at your online bank statement only to realize that the actual total was $170.75 CAD (current rate at time of typing 1 USD = 1.42 CAD). Well isn't that a shocker? Buying a hookah in Canada is much more efficient when it comes to hookah prices. What you see is what you get! Save yourself from spending extra cash extra by avoiding that ugly conversion rate. 

2- Pay Less In Shipping Fees When You Buy A Hookah In Canada

So here is a story for you. Back 10 years ago, when i first started smoking Al Fakher tobacco out of my hookah, I decided to make the move of ordering a hookah online. I didn't have a place where i can buy a hookah near me at the time and there weren't any online hookah shops in Canada yet so the only way i could upgrade my hookah setup was to order a hookah for sale from the US. Mind you, 10 years ago the USD was not as high in conversion & smoking laws in Canada weren't as strict on flavoured shisha tobacco. So I ended up ordering a Lebanese hookah for sale by a reputable American hookah establishment. When i went to checkout the total cost of shipping was $75 USD, I was in shock but what else were my options. Now imagine paying that today, the rate is higher and not only that, you will also end up paying the conversion rate on the product as well. Fast-forward to today, you are lucky to be a Canadian ordering from a Canadian hookah vendor! My hookah experiences were part of the reasons of why I opened up Oxide Hookah and brought to you all of these lovely products. Order your hookah & shisha accessories here and I promise you'll be thanking me later! We even offer free shipping on orders $175 or more.

3- Receive Your Shisha Pipes & Accessories Faster

Ok, so going back to my hookah experience! After placing the order, converting the fees and finally buying the hookah, I still had to wait for the arrival of my shisha in Calgary. I ended up waiting for a total of 2.5 weeks till it was delivered to my doorstep. It had to leave the shipping facility, cross through Canada, get the approval from Canadian customs (another story there) and finally make it to me. All i wanted to do was get this hookah smoke going so that i could also try that free sample of Fumari lemon mint they had threw in. Eventually, it ended up arriving and I enjoyed the new addition to my hookah set up collection but back to the point, two and a half weeks long! Those days are over for you lucky Canucks! Forget about waiting for your products to pass inspection through customs. On average, a product being imported from the US can take up to 2.5 weeks to get delivered to your home and thats not even to speak about the current coronavirus situation were in! Also note worthy to mention, if your package does get inspected at the borders, it could take up to a month, yikes! With Oxide Hookah, from coast to coast it'll take a maximum of only 7 business days, 1-2 days in the Province of Alberta. Get smoking quicker with our fast shipping & delivery services.

4- Avoid Paying Customs & Duties On Shisha Tobacco Products

Back to my story from 10 years ago, I ended up paying duties and fees on top of what i had already paid for. Now I was way over my hookah head but what was I supposed to do? No other options and I had already gotten this far. The experience I had was surely a lesson but it was worthy to experience for my future shopping online. Mind you, ecommerce was still in its humble beginnings, so I was new to this whole internet shopping thing. Purchasing a hookah from outside of Canada cost me an additional 7% duty tax being it a tobacco item as well as the 5% provincial tax they take from us in Alberta.  I ended up paying 12% tax in total on top of my original purchase ordering from the United States. So, my question to you is why pay the extra fees when everything is already in Canada? Purchasing an item from Oxide Hookah will save you the additional costs and the only thing you gotta pay is your provincial tax, which is obviously normal practice. We deal with all of the import taxes and duties when we bring these beautiful hookah & supplies in while you rest easy and receive your item without the hassle!

5- Deal With A Trusted & Reputable Canadian Shisha Company

The reason why i established Oxide Hookah back in 2014 was to help improve the whole hookah Canada situation we had going. There were limited products on the market and almost all of this stuff was made in China. There were all of these knockoffs that would just end up corroding after on or two uses. Not only that, but the people who were trying to sell me on these items would try to convince me by saying things like "It's best hookah bro" which I wasn't having it. I decided to go ahead and open up my own shisha company to bring in the best shisha products for Canadians so that thy too can also get the best prices without the whole run around. I built this so YOU can enjoy your hookah shisha tobacco sessions at its maximum potential. By bringing you these wonderful products and by helping our customers understand the products we sell, Oxide Hookah has built an amazing & trust-worthy reputation. So, deal with us and we'll make sure you are taken car of! You can trust us for all of your hookah pipe needs.

6- Help Re-Build The Canadian Economy

Canada is definitely going through hard times. With our oil prices crashing and our loved ones losing their jobs and add COVID-19 to the list, yah its rough right now for us Canucks. You can help rebuild the economy though by keeping you money in Canada! Supporting a company or brand like Oxide Hookah Canada will help nourish our beautiful country back to the way it used to be. Making a small online order can go a long ways to rejuvenating our home and native land! Keep your investments with in Canada and one step at time, whether it a hookah for sale, a pair of shoes, or maple syrup, just order Canadian!

7- Large Selection Of Reputable & Genuine Hookah Tobacco Products

And last but not least, the final reason. Oxide Hookah as mentioned previously is focused on bringing you some of the most exclusive hookah products in the world. Our primary intent is to ensure that you receive products that are authentic and genuine by hookah brands who have a vision like us. We shaped the way for the Canadian hookah industry in 2014 by introducing products from Khalil Mamoon Hookah, Shika Hookah & Oduman hookah in Canada. We introduced glass hookah pipes when there weren't any on the market & we brought to you Russian hookah setups that were built to outperform any other shisha water pipe. Oxide Hookah even shaped the way institutions ran their hookah bar by changing out shisha coals Calgary hookah lounges were using to natural coconut coals. Our products will always continue to advance and we where at Oxide will always choose quality. 

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