Buy a Hookah In Canada at Oxide Hookah

by Oxide Hookah on March 09, 2015

Reasons to Buy a Hookah In Canada at Oxide Hookah

Buying a hookah for Canadian's has just gotten easier! Oxide Hookah is Canada's only source that offers authentic hookah shisha pipes and accessories! All of the hookah pipes, bowls, hoses and other great merchandise we sell are 100% genuine and authentic products which imported directly from the factory. Our partners are highly reputable companies from around the globe that ensure quality control, health consciousness and extensive support for a customer satisfaction guarantee.  Here are a couple of reason why you should choose Oxide Hookah for your shisha product needs:

1- Save on U.S dollar Conversion:

Forget about paying those high conversion rates. The US dollar is stronger than the Canadian dollar. Avoid paying those credit card fees as well.

2-Shipping Rates: 

Shipping is drastically cheaper than importing a product from countries outside of Canada. Bringing in a hookah from the US for example costs a minimum of $75 USD. Average cost for a hookah shipped in Canada is roughly $20 or even better FREE when you reach a certain purchase amount with Oxide Hookah.

3-Faster Delivery Time: 

Forget waiting for your products to pass inspection through customs. On average a product being imported from the US can take up to two weeks to get delivered to your home thats if your package doesn't get inspected which could last up to a month. With Oxide Hookah, from coast to coast it'll take a maximum of only 7 business days, 1-2 days in the Province of Alberta. Get smoking quicker with our fast shipping services.

4-Save on Customs Duties & Taxes: 

Purchasing a hookah from outside of Canada can result in a 7% tax fee as well as your provincial tax. Why pay the extra fees when everything is already in Canada? Purchasing an item from us will save you the additional fees and the only thing you gotta pay is your provincial tax. We deal with all of the taxes and duties, you receive your item without the hassle!

5-Trusted Canadian Organization:

Oxide Hookah is reputable for providing only quality and genuine hookah products. All of our products are tested before advertised on our website. We want to make sure you get the best out of your dollar and have trust in us as a company.

6- Build on The Canadian Economy:

Why send your money to another country? Help the Canadian company one small step at a time by supporting a reliable and trustworthy company. The support you provide us with only helps us grow and expand our product selection.


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