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Best Hookahs To Buy Online 2018 Blog Post

What Are The Best Hookahs To Buy in 2018?

Now that we are midway through 2018 (phew what a year its been), lets get into discussing the best hookahs to buy online in 2018! In the last 6 months, Oxide Hookah has ben working hard to bring you the latest and best hookahs online! We've expanded the lineup for more variety and have done our research on the top selling hookahs. Lets dive into the Top 5 best hookahs of 2018! 

Best Hookahs 2018 List

  1. Hoob Navi Hookah
  2. Hoob Atom Hookah
  3. Regal Prince Hookah
  4. AOT Carbon1 Hookah 
  5. Oduman N5-Z Junior


Breakdown Of The Top Hookahs of 2018

Hoob Navi Hookah

1. Hoob Navi C Hookah

The Hoob Navi is in the top 5 for a reason! With its futuristic look like no other hookah in the industry, the Hoob Navi C is loved by enthusiasts for its sexy looks and of course its performance. The Hoob Navi C Russian made hookah is designed with a heavy duty acrylic hookah base for durability and is held together by one solid hunk of anodized aluminum. Not only is this hookah durable but will also last a lifetime if maintained properly and won't break on you like a regular glass hookah. The Hoob Navi pleases the eye and also sets the mood with its Hoob submergible and interchangeable LED lights. Navi is also great for its capability of sharing, and sharing is caring. With the Navi C, you have the option of using a secondary hose so if you have a friend or partner hanging out, you can smoke together at the same time! No need to wait on each other any longer with the sexy and futurist Hoob Navi C. Oh, and did we also mention that the top cover also magnetically locks into the acrylic base? Navi, the complete package of greatness.


Hoob Atom C Hookah - Cube Acrylic Hookah


2. Hoob Atom C Hookah

Looking for a travel pipe? No Problem! The Hoob Atom makes it into the top 5 list due to its design and purpose of use! Whether you are travelling abroad on vacation, going to a buddies house, or simply just want a small hookah that'll fit on your tabletop, the Hoob Atom C marks off the entire checklist. With its acrylic base and cube design, the Atom by Hoob Hookahs is brought to you from Russia with love. Atom is is small but functions like a monster. This little guy packs in the room with fluff clouds of smoke once its going. The upper part of the hookah is designed with a solid piece of Russian steel that magnetically locks into the acrylic base leaving no room for error. As we mention with the Navi C, the Hoob Atom C also allows you to share with a friend as it has the capability and optional dual hose ports. Gone are the days where you need to make sure you have enough space in your luggage to travel with your hookah as the Atom takes very little volume and performs at its optimal endurance when you reach your location!


Regal Prince Hookah For Sale at


3. Regal Prince Hookah

Don't you just love it when nature comes together with your favourite hobby? The Regal Prince is exactly just that! With its beautiful wooden outer design and its stainless steel wide draw stem, the Regal Prince hookah is just a masterpiece. Regal prince is the smaller of the bunch from Regal Hookah Company. It was designed and hand made in sunny San Diego, California for those who wish to have a hookah thats just the right size but performs and produces smoke like the rest of its Royal family. Regal Prince is known obtain that flawless open draw for an easy inhale and enjoyable shisha smoke session. What more can we say about the Regal Prince? It's simply pleasing to the eye and obtains optimal performance. 


AOT Carbon1 Carbon Fiber Hookah


4. AOT Carbon1 Carbon Fibre Hookah

Car lovers, we have that one and only hookah you are looking for! With its beautiful fully loaded real Carbon fibre stem, the AOT Carbon1 hookah will take car and hookah enthusiasts breathe away its stunning and sexy looks! AOT Carbon1 made it to the top 5 list due to its functionality and its aesthetic features. No other hookah on the market is made purely out of a solid piece of carbon fibre! The AOT Carbon1 Hookah is built for durability and utilizes its core engine to optimal performance. Carbon1 obtains that smooth open draw while maintaining the test of your shisha flavour. The inner stem is designed out of stainless steel so you'll never have to take this guy to the junk yard. The purge valve is is genuine silicone AOT Valve that is removable and can be modified to your colour of choosing anytime! AOT Carbon1 is a must have for your collection! Pair it with an AOT Carbon1 Hookah Hose and AOT Bowl to have all the mods required for maximum performance.


Oduman N5 Junior Glass Hookah


5. Oduman N5-Z Junior Hookah 

Ok glass hookah lovers, we got something for you too! The Oduman N5-Z Junior! With its unique design, this hookah looks like it came out of a Star Wars movie! This hookah made it to the top 5 of hookahs to buy in 2018 due to its unique design and outstanding performance! Brought to you all the way from Turkey, the Oduman N5-Z Junior doesn't behave so little after all. Its reigns with control and performance over competitor glass hookahs with its endurance of producing thick flavourful smoke while maintaining strength with its durable dual thick glass wall build. The N5-Z junior is designed out of one chunk of thick glass that sits on a beautiful oxidized aluminum stand. The hose screws into its port so you don't ever have to worry about air leaks and its stainless steel stem is easily disassembled for easy cleaning and maintenance. The N5-Z junior is a classical piece in a modern era for those who enjoy simplicity and beauty. This hookah looks amazing as centre piece and will be the centre of attention in your home! 


Best Hookahs of 2018 Conclusion

We took a lot of time into putting this post together utilizing our data to work! Each hookah was chosen based on sales performance and positive feedback! The top 5 hookahs of 2018 are truly amazing this year and we can't wait to see what the future brings us! We hope that we were able to help you choose a hookah for your needs and that you enjoyed this post. If you have any feedback or comments, please make sure to share your thoughts in the section below. Happy smoking! 



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