Best Hookah Upgrades For Thicker Smoke

The Best Hookah Upgrades To Make Hookah Smoke Thicker

Today we are going to discuss how new hookah accessory upgrades can affect and improve your smoke sessions. We have been receiving frequent questions about different shisha accessories such as various clay bowls and hookah hoses as to how & why they can improve your shisha sessions, so we have decided to write a post about how hookah accessories can weigh the outcome of your sessions and can help generate smoother, longer & thicker smoke. We will do a quick rundown of why you should switch up a hookah bowl once every couple of months and how shisha hoses should be replaced frequently. So let us jump into it and begin with the main reasons as to why modifying & upgrading your hookah with new hookah accessories can reach an outcome with positive results.

1. Upgrade Your Hookah Hose

Hookah Accessories Canada - Hookah Hoses

Hookah Hose Corrosion

So this question gets asked quite frequently. Why should you upgrade your hookah hose? Its doing the job right? most cases. Generally speaking when purchasing a traditional hookah such as a KM hookah or Magdy Zidan hookah, the hookah hoses that are included with these shisha setups are non-washable. Most hookah hoses are designed with leather and contain an interior aluminum coil which tends to corrode overtime. Ever smoke a hookah and end up coughing up nasty black pieces of god knows what? That substance you inhaled is actually corroded metal which is breaking down due to smoke moisture overtime! Hence, safety would be the first reason as to why you should upgrade your hookah hose to improve your sessions. You do not want to be inhaling corroded metal into your lungs and shouldn't have to use that nasty hose if you want to enjoy your session. We recommend upgrading your hookah hose to a silicone hookah hose, which of course is more sanitary. With a silicone washable hookah hose you are able to enjoy fresh and clean flavourful shisha smoke without the worries of damaging your insides! Most modern hookahs nowadays come with a silicone shisha hose such as our Hoob Hookahs, which are a new modern hookah brand that is focused on cleanliness and simplicity while providing excellent results for your smoke sessions.

Hookah Hose Ghosting

Another reason to change out and upgrade your shisha hose is flavour ghosting. Hookah flavour ghosting is a term used for when a certain flavour takes over your hose and won't go away, leaving you with an odour and flavour from a previous shisha smoke session. Flavour ghosting masks the actual flavour you are smoking and ruins the entire session. This could also occur with silicone hoses after so many uses, therefore we recommend switching out your hose every couple of months to stay sanitary and to avoid flavour ghosting!

Hookah Hose Aesthetics

The final reason why you may want to upgrade your hookah hose is for aesthetics. You might want to switch out your shisha hose for a more modern feel to match up with your current hookah design. We carry a wide variety of hookah hoses so if you are interested, just check out the Hookah Hose Collection.


2. Upgrade Your Hookah Bowl

Hookah Accessories Canada - Hookah Bowls

Time For A Hookah Bowl Replacement

For starters, your hookah bowl is basically the heart of your shisha session! Without it you can't smoke. Done wrong and your smoke sessions can go terribly wrong! The first reason why you should upgrade and replace your hookah bowl is that it might just be too old! Hookah bowls can wear down overtime with the use of heat and washing it over and over. Eventually, hookah bowls start to form micro-fractures, which end up leaking juices and can actually end up breaking in the middle of a smoke session. If you are noticing  micro fractures forming in your shisha bowl, it might be the right time to switch it out before an accident occurs.

Quality of Your Hookah Bowl

The second reason to why you should upgrade your hookah bowl is the quality and build of your shisha head. If it is one of those thin ceramic ones, you are definitely not getting the best thick smoke out of your shisha as ceramic hookah bowls aren't as heat resistant as a solid clay bowl. Clay hookah bowls tend to retain heat at the right level of temperature, whereas ceramic shisha bowls tend to overheat and result in scorched shisha and horrible tasting smoke. We recommend you replace your bowl with a solid clay hookah bowl, a phunnel one to be exact which leads us to the third reason why you should upgrade your hookah bowl.

Prevent Shisha Juices From Leaking

Phunnel hookah bowls are great for juicy types of shisha tobacco because they prevent juices from leaking into your hookah stem. If you have ever used a standard Egyptian clay bowl, you'll notice the air punctures in the centre do not do do any justice for holding in those shisha juices. The juices in your shisha are the main substance that allows you to exhale smoke since they contain glycerine and flavouring! Why let it drain down your stem when a phunnel bowl could easily save your sessions! Phunnel hookah bowls prevent juice leakage and allow prolonged smoke sessions full of exceptional flavoured smoke clouds! If you are interested in our high quality hookah bowls, check out the awesome collection of assorted high performance Hookah Bowls that we carry! 

Upgrade your Hookah For Thick Smoke 

Upgrading your hookah with the proper hookah hoses & hookah bowls is vital to sustain a proper shisha session. If your end-game goal is to achieve thicker hookah smoke, we recommend you upgrade both major hookah accessories to enhance your sessions. Your bowls should be well maintained meaning you should clean your hookah bowl after each use. Shisha hoses should also be washed after each use to prevent flavour ghosting and to remove & harmful or unwanted particles. We hope you enjoyed this post and learnt a thing or two to help you achieve the best hookah sessions!

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