Review of The Best Hookahs Made Out of Glass In 2023

Best Hookahs Made Out of Glass In 2023 (Product Review)

Best All Glass Hookahs of 2023

The following question is often asked by many of our customers. What is the best glass hookah to buy? As simple as that question may sound, we have to take a lot of factors into consideration to honestly satisfy and meet the customer's needs. Glass pipes are the new trend within the industry, no doubt about it, but with all of the new-new that seem to be coming out right, left and centre, which glass made pipe actually is the best out there? Today, we will discuss which glass designer brand we recommend and why. In a simple and short answer, we recommend Oduman as the leading manufacturer of modern glass pipes. To go into depth, we will examine and review why Odumans are still the ultimate glass hookahs on the market.

Glass Volume

What's that, you ask? Simple, it's how thick the glass is. When you look at most modern glass shishas on the market, the majority seem cheaply made out of thin glass layers to cut manufacturing costs and can be easily destroyed with the slightest touch of simply placing your pipe on a counter. Many manufacturers argue that their glass products are the best because of their design and whatnot, but when it comes down to it, do you really need to drop down a couple hundred bucks only to see it shatter in a split second? My guess is no. Enter Oduman Hookahs. The company tends to manufacture a better and higher quality build than most of the glass-produced hookahs in the industry. As a matter of fact, I think it's the only manufacturer that has frankly been successful and has brutally overpowered its competitors out of the market. Yeah, sure, there might be a couple of knockoffs still in the mix, but a vendor with a reputation that is specifically focused on glass products, surely not. The Turk-made pipes feature dual-wall thick glass that helps prevent minor dings or touches from completely shattering. The dual glass is manufactured in Turkey and is examined individually before being released to the public, so definitely a plus side to quality control. Harbouring thick all-glass walls is always better than having a thin sheet of glass.

Economically Priced

$400, $500, $600. Where did these crazy price tags come from? Are you willing to drop that much money on a glass pipe that may shatter shortly? Obviously, we all try to be as caring and nurturing to our beloved hookah pipes, but we aren't perfect, and neither are the friends you smoke with! In recent years we've seen all of these crazy glass products that go out to the public in ridiculous-fashioned price tiers that are just silly. We never bothered carrying them simply because we didn't believe in the product. Firstly, who would dare and think about dropping that much money simply because it looks cool? What about functionality? What about the breaks!? Well, there have been a few consumers out there who fell for that trap, and we deeply and truly feel bad for you...our condolences. Oduman products are the only glass products we bother to carry because their price points typically range between $100 - $350, depending on the model you choose. We believe this is a good price point based on quality and functionality. So forget spending $600 on something your dog may tip over and shatter, and choose something that can be easily replaced or fixed, which brings us to the following reason why they are the best glass producer on the market. 

Replaceable Parts

Not only are they built of enduring dual-glass walls, but the parts are also replaceable and are always readily available on the market. When you look at previous hookah manufacturers that built all-glass water pipes, there was always a flaw in how they were designed. If you broke the stem, good luck getting your smoke on without dropping down another couple hundred for a replacement part, that's even if they were actually produced separately. Odumans aren't completely all-glass, which is definitely a positive characteristic. The down-stem, hose port, purge port, and tray are all stainless steel, which actually ends up saving you quite a lot of money if you were ever to damage it. These pieces are the organs that make a hookah operational, so why put them at risk by designing them in all glass only to kill the pockets of the consumer? The most you'd spend on one of these pipes is simply the glass body which the company preserves at an economical price to keep its consumers happy. Ignore sinking another deep pocket of cash on replacement pieces and stick with this producer.

Key Takeaways

We hope this review helped you understand why we think the Turk-made pipes are the best glass hookahs in 2023! This guide was put together by our team to help our consumers realize what they are getting into when investing in a high-priced hookah versus an economically priced one. The company we discussed is highly respected, and if you are considering getting yourself a great pipe, head over to the brand's section on our main page! Please leave a comment on which model is your favourite and why! 

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