Authentic Hookahs Over Modern Chinese Pipes

Authentic Hookahs Over Chinese Pipes

Why Authentic Egyptian Hookahs Over Modern Chinese Pipes?

Egyptian pipes are manufactured solely where hookah/shisha smoking initially became a cultural trend and tradition, Egypt. Top brands such as Khalil Mamoon & Shika are designed of only the highest quality and safest materials to smoke from. They are made out of brass and are either welded by hand (Khalil Mamoon) or perfected by machine (Shika). Egyptian pipes are also built to last for a lifetime. This will help prevent replacing parts like you normally would for a modern Chinese made pipe.  Smoke quality is also top notch with Egyptian hookahs due to how inner stem is designed. The inner stem is usually a wide 1 inch in diameter therefore it'll be an easier drag when inhaling your shisha smoke. You will also notice a difference in smoke quality including the amount of smoke produced due to the wide diameter opening of the stem. Something you want to consider is how resistant your pipe is to water and moisture as well. Brass does not rust while aluminum or stainless steel eventually become corroded which are often the materials used to produce hookah products in China.


Chinese hookahs are usually the opposite of standards of Egyptian hookahs which I discussed above. They tend to be made out of cheap materials, poor design and very little durability. Even if you are a beginner smoker, don't buy something that you eventually overtime will have to replace. Prevent this and buy a high quality hookah pipe that you will only have to purchase once. Although smoking is unsafe for your health, avoid other substances and materials that could do more damage. 

We hope you like this post and why its important to purchase an authentic Egyptian hookah over a no named Chinese model. If your looking to purchase a traditional pipe, head over to the Hookah Collection to view which ones we have available for you. 

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