The AppleOnTop Hookah Bowl

AOT Hookah Bowl

To describe it in simple words it is "The Last Hookah Bowl You Will Ever Need". The AppleOnTop bowl is manufactured with the highest grades of materials. Simply an aluminum core with a rubber sleeve! Sound durable enough? Not only is the AOT bowl durable but yet it doesn't require tinfoil. The bowl itself is bundled with an aluminum screen to simply place on top.

Pack your bowl, light your coals & place them on top of the screen & your shisha session is ready. The AppleOnTop bowl was made by using a traditional product idea that has been used for hundreds of years & enhancing it to meet our present needs. Shisha tobacco has changed over the years by not only the tobacco leaf itself but by the many different flavours that are on the market. The AOT bowl can be used with any type of tobacco due to its nature of being a bowl with a centre phunnel / vortex feature. It'll contain the juices of your tobacco prolonging your flavour & enhancing your smoke. The aluminum core will also help by fully distributing heat to your shisha & ensuring a complete cook.

Pick up your AOT in a variety of colours. Visit the product page to purchase by clicking on the link below!

AOT Bowl

AppleOnTop Hookah Bowl 

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