Understanding How a Hookah Works

The hookah is generally a simple structure that has been used for hundreds of years to smoke tobacco or moassel. It consists of a stem, base, hose and bowl as a structure. The way a hookah works is by simply packing your bowl and attaching the bowl to the top of the stem using an air tight seal. The stem is then placed directly into the base using rubber seals or gaskets to ensure a strong seal. Attached to the stem is a hose port which you connect your hose using a rubber seal or gasket. 

Generally speaking you need to fill the base with water so that it flows about an inch above the bottom of the stem. Charcoal is needed to start the smoking process so that it heats your tobacco. Simply all is needed is about two to three coals on top of your bowl. Once your bowl is heated to the right temperature you may inhale using your hose.

Ensure your hookah is air tight so that your hookah does not leak any air ensuring you get a perfect session.

Of course packing your bowl the correct way also plays a big role on how your session plays out so make sure to check out our other tutorial on how to pack a bowl.


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