5 Coronavirus Prevention Tips When Smoking Hookah

5 Coronavirus Prevention Tips When Smoking Hookah

Coronavirus Outbreak

Today we will be discussing the 5 Tips alongside some other methods to prevent and ensure that you are safe from the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) when smoking hookah. As you probably all know by now, this virus is rapidly spreading across the globe and little is known so far on how to cure the Coronavirus. Its initial origin was discovered in January of 2020 in Wuhan, China but has now spread to various countries & has infected about 100,000 individuals to date based on the current statistics provided by WHO (World Health Organization). Coronavirus can be fatal to those who are elderly but most cases are mild and can go unnoticed yet require immediate medical attention and self-isolation. The disease has a fatality rate of 3.4%, however the majority of these fatalities were claimed in China during the initial outbreak of the new Coronavirus with a total of 3042 individuals at time of this publication. This virus should be taken seriously and you should make it your responsibility to avoid catching COVID-19 while also preventing the transfer of it to friends, family & coworkers. While the world scrambles to find a cure or vaccine for this disease, prevention is key especially when participating in your favourite hobbies such as smoking hookah. Like any procedures taken to avoid the cold or flu, the necessary steps are required to stay safe & healthy. Here is a list of things you should do when smoking shisha regardless of the situation at hand. 

Steps To Prevent COVID-19 When Smoking Hookah

  1. Wash Your Hands Before Setting Up Your Hookah
  2. Use a Hookah Mouth Tip When Smoking
  3. Avoid Sharing Or Smoking Shisha With Others
  4. Avoid Hookah Bars During The Outbreak
  5. Sanitize & Clean Your Shisha Pipe After Use

Wash Your Hands Before Setup

Something your parents scolded you on when you were a child. Washing your hands is important and should be done frequently. Throughout the day you are on your mobile phone, driving your car, opening doors and while you are doing all of these things, your hands become carriers of germs and viruses. Take a moment out of your time to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water. Avoid touching your face at all costs, even if there is an itch. When setting up a hookah pipe for a smoke session, just wash them! You do not want to be inhaling shisha molasses that contains a harmful virus. I'd say inhalation would be the quickest way to catch a virus, so stay clean and stay safe.

Using Mouth Tips For Shisha Smoking

This one is very important. If you are a hookah smoker and do not have a pack of these sitting at home, invest in a few. Whether you are smoking alone, with a friend or a family member, you should always use a mouth tip to avoid germs being transferred to you. Using a hookah mouth tip will go a long way in preventing you from getting sick. To be safe, we recommend you to also sanitize the hose handle of your water-pipe before and after use just to be extra cautious. Carrying a small bottle of hand sanitizer will do the trick up to a certain extent.

Avoid Sharing Your Hookah

Thats right. This is the time to be greedy & avoid passing the hookah at all costs. Sure, its nice to share but do you really want to risk catching the Coronavirus just to save face? I didn't think so. The virus can go undetected for up to two weeks, yikes! I'd say if you are currently smoking and sharing with others to stop immediately and get checked if you are already feeling a bit under the weather. As mentioned earlier, most cases of COVID19 have been mild and could have symptoms that feel like a flu or cold is coming on. Add smoking shisha with others in the mix and the inhalation of exhales could set you back. You could already have it and not know till the virus gets worse. Do not pass the hookah. The couple of methods or options you could do to avoid sharing or borrowing a friends pipe is to smoke at home alone if you already have the pipe and accessories required or simply invest in your own hookah equipment. It is not necessary to put yourself at risk especially during the outbreak of a disease.

    Avoid Hookah Lounges During The Outbreak Of COVID 19

    Hookah bars are great when it comes to meeting up with friends to socialize, however try to avoid them during the outbreak of the Corona-virus. Until it is actually contained, we do not know who has it and what the exact details of early symptoms are. The virus is new to the human body therefore we are not immune to it. Could you imagine the number of individuals that could get infected while breathing the second hand smoke of a Coronavirus carrier. Id say let things settle down before going to a shisha lounge. If it is necessary that you have go to a shisha lounge, just be cautious and safe by asking your hosts to thoroughly sanitize the hookah water-pipe you are to use and as mentioned previously, use a brand new hose mouth piece. 

    Sanitize Your Hookah After Every Use

    This ones pretty simple but not followed by many. You should always clean your hookah pipe after every use for multiple reasons. Maintenance, longevity & of-course sanitary purposes. Coronavirus 19 is highly infectious, so be sure to clean your mouth tips and hose handles with rubbing alcohol after every use as we currently do not know the lifespan of the virus. We also recommend cleaning out the hookah glass base of your pipes with soap and hot water using a base brush to remove any sorts of bacteria/germs. Your shisha stem should be washed & scrubbed thoroughly with hot water and soap using a stem brush. If you would like to go the extra mile to prevent the infection, sanitize use rubbing alcohol to rinse out your stem and base. Shisha hoses should also be cleaned out using the same methods.  

    Avoid Getting Infected

    So there you have it fellow hookah smokers. COVID 19 should be taken extremely serious at a time where theres is no Coronavirus cure or vaccine. Smoking hookah should be done safely and by taking the steps as mentioned above, you should be somewhat safe while doing your hobby or pastime. Avoid visiting communities or cafes that are at risk of spreading the virus. Community spreading is probably the most effective method of contracting a virus so avoid social gatherings where the unknown is high risk. If you are feeling under the weather, self isolate yourself at home and call a medic. Washing your hands & avoiding the touching of your face will go a long way to prevent viruses. Simple sanitary practices that become habits will affect you and those around you in a positive manner. Let's not just worry about how you will avoid catching the virus but also how to effectively avoid spreading it. Stay healthy & stay safe.

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