Hookah Hose - Introducing The Aluminum D Hose

Hookah Hose By Dream

Introducing the all new Aluminum D Hose! This hookah hose is the latest by Dream Hose Hookah Company. Initially, the D Hose was introduced back in 2014 at Oxide Hookah and was deigned out of a glass hose handle and surgical grade silicone. Today, the latest hookah hose by dream is even more advanced for durability and provides you with clean & sanitary hookah sessions. Dream is a hookah accessory establishment based out of California, USA. It manufactures modern hookah parts to enhance your smoking experience with your shisha pipe. 

The Best Hookah Hoses

Think of the current hookah hose you currently own have & how difficult it is to enjoy your sessions with all that gunk, residue & god knows what inside your hose. Now forget that hose accessory & feast your eyes on the new Aluminum D-Hose. Possibly one of the best hookah hoses currently designed and available to the market, the Dream Hose comes fully equipped with an anodized aluminum hose handle & a 72" food safe silicone hose. This d hose hookah hose will make your shisha sessions 1000X better by eliminating old flavours from ghosting due to previous smoke sessions & allows you to use more than one brand of shisha tobacco flavour with your hookah. This shisha hose is also washable meaning you will never have to worry about your hose carrying residue from timely use. There are no coils within this hose so you wont have to worry about it rust & residue with use over time. The D-Hose Aluminum Edition is a product created by Dream hookah & is designed in the U.S.A. from the highest quality materials.

Hose Handle Designed Out Of Aluminum

The greatest thing about this shisha hose is that the handle for it is designed out of aluminum. The Aluminum D Hose handle is anodized and comes in a variety of different colours for your liking. You can pair and match your hookah hose with your current hookah setup. Dream hookah made this shisha accessory to be compatible with all major and popular hookahs available to day whether it be a modern hookah or an old fashioned traditional hookah, this shisha hose with enhance your sessions and ensure you with a safe and clean hookah smoking experience.

Why Should You Upgrade To The D Hose?

The answer is simple. The D Hose will make your smoke sessions much more enjoyable. You will be able to enjoy thicker smoke with much more flavour & you wont ever have to worry about your hose carrying residue that can be harmful to your health. The D Hose by dream is the best improvement you can make to your current hookah setup. Pick yours up today in a variety of various colours made available at Oxide Hookah.

Purchase D Hose

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