Buying a Hookah in Banff

Buying a Hookah in Banff

Residents of Banff! Are you ready? Buying a hookah just got easy for Banff, Alberta residents! Say hello to Oxide Hookah who happens to be Canada's leading hookah vendor. Located in Calgary, Oxide hookah has a 2 day guarantee order delivery to Banff and surrounding areas! Offering quality and genuine hookah and shisha supplies, Oxide hookah is your ideal company to purchase your products to smoke shisha! All of our products are genuine & authentic so you are in good hands. We only sell brand named reputable products from manufacturers all over the globe. Banff residents also receive a complimentary discount for being part of our great outdoor getaway in Alberta! Use the discount below to save 10% off your complete order today!

Banff Discount Code: 10OFF

Banff Discount code is Valid for all orders placed in Banff, Alberta. Use this discount code in the coupon section under order summary at the checkout page. All orders will be validated that indeed your order is being shipped to Banff, AB before shipment. 
Want to learn more about our hookah products? Check out the blog section to get a better understanding of the various products we carry and how to get started! 


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