3 Reasons Why You Should Buy The New Kaloud Lotus I+

Our 3 Reasons Why The New Kaloud Lotus Plus is a Worthy Purchase


Today we are going to discuss why you should buy the new Kaloud Lotus I+ hookah heat manager. With Kaloud being the first hookah accessory company to innovate and release a heat manager back in 2012, it finally released a new version of its predecessor mid-December of 2017. It took almost 6 years to get here but we are here now and we are happy with the results. Your most likely familiar with the original model so lets skip through the whole introduction and get right into it. Here are the 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy The New Kaloud Lotus I+ :


Reason #1: More Space 

Kaloud Lotus I+ Heat Management System


With the original Kaloud Lotus being such a revolutionizing product from the get go, it was somewhat difficult to improve on something that really didn't need much work done to it but behold. The Kaloud Lotus v1 would enable you to fit either 2 natural coconut charcoal cubes or 3 flat natural coco coals due to its curved structure. Kaloud has now addressed feedback from the hookah community since noticing that there was a large demand regarding consumers desiring to use more heat for their sessions. The wall structure of the Kaloud Lotus I+ is now much of a more straight and vertical build compared to the original curved model to allow more space to fit in 3 large cubes or 4 flats. This now allows you to transfer more heat to your shisha sessions to satisfy your crave of fluffy white smoke clouds. The Kaloud Lotus I+ also enables you to use quarter circle coals exclusively made for heat managers that you may also want to check out as well.


Reason #2: Lifted Carriers

Kaloud Lotus Plus Heat Management System Interior View

With the previous model of the Kaloud lotus which was designed back in 2012, the base surface was a flat surface where the charcoal sat causing them to black out due to oxygen suffocation. The new I+ now includes carriers at the base surface to allow your charcoal to stay raised allowing air flow from the side vents to keep your charcoals perfectly lit. You will no longer have to play with your charcoal or flip them in the middle of the session to keep them burning. Your sessions are now made easier to manage where you simply just insert your charcoals and you are good to go for the entire duration of your session. 


Reason #3: New Look

Kaloud Lotus I+ Heat Management System With Box

With the Lotus I+ being Kaloud's flagship model, its only necessary to make a few small touches to its design for a more appealing and up to date look in the year of 2018. The Lotus I+ has now been revamped with a matte finish for not just only its looks but to also manage heat in a proper manner. We've noticed after using the new Lotus I+ that although we are now using 3 cubed natural charcoals rather than 2 we are getting a more consistently heat managed session due to the new matte design. With the previous Lotus, the finish was more shiny reflective which caused heat to bounce in all areas within the heat manager its self but with the matte design (which seems to be more enduring to high heat) the heat seems to be more consistent throughout the session resulting in an enjoyable smoke with full blasts of flavour and no burning at all. Another design change Kaloud included to its new model was adding its logo engraving to the surface as a final touch to verify authenticity of its product. The Lotus I+ also includes high quality packaging with a serial number for warranty purposes. 



There you have it folks! With the new features Kaloud has implemented to its flagship model, we think it is a worthy purchase to enhance your hookah sessions. We hope you enjoyed this quick read! Please leave a comment below with your thoughts!


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