3 Living Room Hookah Pipes Worth Your Investment

Top 3 Living Space Shisha Pipes

In today’s topic, we will be discussing the top 3 living room hookah pipes that are worth your investment. We’ve talked about portable hookahs in the past but what about Shisha pipes for your own living space?  Well, today we’re going to give you all of the info you need in why you should put your money where it’s worthy. Not to mention we also carry these beautiful water pipes at Oxide Hookah so no need to look any further if you decide on purchasing one for your home.

Top 3 Living Room Hookahs

The Queen By Regal Shisha Pipes

Queen Hookah Cachimba Pipe By Regal

When it comes to being naturally beautiful, the queen herself pleases the eye. The Regal Queen is a beautiful handcrafted water pipe designed of exotic wood. The beauty of owning the Queen model by Regal is that it is visually appealing and makes an amazing centrepiece for your living space. Not only does the Regal Queen hookah have the looks with its wonderful curves but it also functions how you need it to, flawless. This masterpiece of a shisha pipe generates thick aromatic smoke full of wonderful flavour. With its wide open chamber, taking a draw of smoke from the royal is flawless as inhaling smoke is effortless and non restricted. Investing in the regal queen will bring you years of pleasure and will last you a lifetime with proper cars. This nargile is designed out of high quality materials and includes a stainless steel stem to help prevent rust & residue from building up. We highly recommend the Queen by Regal as a living room hookah for its performance and its wonderful design. This hookah compliments living spaces that contain natural woods and leathers. Maintains the perfect height at 32 inches tall, this pipe for Shisha smoking should be on your top list.

Iowaska By Shika Hookahs

Iowaska Hookah Shisha by Shika

Handcrafted by artisans in Egypt, the Shika Iowaska is a beautiful hookah to add to your living space. The Iowaska is unique in its own design as it typically takes no less than a week to produce. Each Shika is designed out of a solid brass body and a copper down stem. What makes this hookah so rare is that it is hand etched with Arabesque engravings from top to bottom which typically takes days to complete just a portion of the stem. The tray that sits on top of the hookah stem also is etched by hand and weighs close to a kilogram alone. If you like beauty and are a traditionalist, then the Shika Iowaska is the perfect hookah to add to your living space especially if your room already contains vintage or cultural pieces from around the world. The Iowaska shisha pipe is a timeless piece.

Apex By Hoob Hookahs

Apex Hookah Wasserpfeife by Hoob

The Hoob Apex is a minimalist aficionados dream hookah. It is simplistic in design and looks astonishing in ones new & modern living room. If you like to smoke hookah & own a space thats sleek and simple, the Hoob Apex will stand out and will be the talk of the room. Apex is designed and machined in Russia by a very innovative company named Hoob. Manufactured out of aero-grade aluminum for the exterior body & a stainless steel stem with a built in diffuser. The Apex is disassemble-able for easy cleaning and travelling. If you want a rocket as a hookah, then this is it. This model is from their futurist hookah lineup and is what we consider to being the equivalence of the "Ferrari" of water pipes for tobacco smoking. Adding this to your modern home would be a smart choice if you are an enthusiast who likes modern art.

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