3 Hookah Parts That Will Drastically Improve Your Shisha

3 Hookah Parts That Will Drastically Improve Your Shisha Smoke

In todays topic, we are going to look at how you can improve your shisha smoke! The hookah pipe, narguile, shisha water pipe or whatever you tend to call it in your region is always designed out of the same components to setup a hookah for smoking. Our discussion will focus on the 3 hookah parts that that will drastically improve your shisha sessions for thicker & tasteful smoke. We will provide you with a couple of examples focusing on what type of hookah parts to upgrade to & focus on improving your nargile pipe so that you enjoy a memorable experience with every session. Let jump into the 3 Hookah parts that will help improve your shisha tobacco smoking sessions.

Hookah Parts 

  1. Hookah Hose
  2. Hookah Bowl
  3. Hookah Heat Management System (HMD)

1) Hookah Hose

Hookah Hose

The hookah hose is one of the most important hookah parts or hookah accessories that you should maintain & continuously upgrade or change out. It is one of the core elements of your hookah pipe to ensure that you enjoy flavour-able & clean smoke. Hookah hoses are the main shisha accessory that help you inhale smoke out of your shisha pipe. They are also the only hookah part that you tend to pass around in social gatherings. Your hookah hose should always be clean and well maintained for sanitary purposes as well as for enhancing your shisha tobacco smoking experience. Gradually overtime, your hookah hose starts to wear down with daily use. Traditional hookah hoses that are included with an Egyptian shisha setup such as a KM pipe, tend to break down first. They are designed out of metal coils that are wrapped with fabric and leather. Essentially with wear and tear use, the coils start to rust out and can become harmful towards your health as you start to inhale these rusted particles. The solution to avoiding this issue is to simply replace your hookah hose with something more modern such as a silicone hookah hose or better yet a washable shisha hose. Replacing your hookah hose accessory will also diminish and flavour ghosting that you experienced with your older hose for your shisha pipe. This will enable you to enjoy pure flavour from your shisha tobacco that you are smoking.

2) Hookah Bowl

Hookah Bowl

The hookah bowl is by far one of the most important hookah parts or hookah accessories for you to enjoy a proper shisha smoke session. The hookah bowl is what carries your shisha flavour or hookah molasses. Without this shisha part, you are unable to smoke. Overtime, your hookah bowl tends to wear down with use. This could cause your shisha juices to seep out of the bowl through small micro fractures that eventually occur with day to day use. These micro fractures can take away from the quality of your hookah pipe sessions as heat will start to escape and juices will start to leak out. The best way to improve your shisha sessions when this occurs is to replace your hookah bowl. There are many different types of hookah bowls out on the market whether you are looking for a replacement hookah bowl made of clay or a modern hookah bowl designed out of aluminum or silicone. replacing this hookah part will improve your hookah pipe smoking sessions.

3) Hookah Heat Management System (HMD)

This hookah part is now a hookah standard! The hookah heat management system is highly recommended for improving your smoke. What a hookah heat management system does is it regulates the amount of heat you transfer from your hookah coals to your shisha tobacco. It also prevents ashes & particles from your coals to transfer into your bowl. With this in mind, a hookah HMD is a must have for those who want to experience optimal smoke sessions. For those of you who are wondering which type of hookah heat management device is best suitable for your shisha pipe, we offer the top HMD brands to help you enhance your hookah pipe smoking. The most commonly used heat manager is the Kaloud Lotus HMD. Check out the rest of the collection of heat management hookah parts by heading over to our shop.


So there you have it. The 3 hookah parts that will drastically improve your hookah sessions are your hookah hose, hookah bowl & hookah heat management system. These 3 hookah accessories will change the way your shisha pipe functions & will provide you with the best results. Check out our full collection of hookah accessories to make your smoke sessions thicker in smoke, last longer & taste better!

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