10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas of 2017

10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas of 2017

Our best Christmas Gift Ideas of 2017

As the holiday season approaches us in the next few weeks, we have prepared the best Christmas gift ideas of 2017! Its better to be early on choosing the right gifts for your loved ones rather than being late and regretful especially when everything seems to be sold out weeks before the Christmas Holidays occur. So lets dive in and check out the 10 best Christmas Gift ideas at Oxide Hookah in 2017.


1. Khalil Mamoon Hookahs

Khalil Mamoon Hookahs

 Khalil Mamoon hookahs are a well known hookah brand who have been around since 1873. These hookahs are hand crafted in Cairo, Egypt and are made of mostly brass. KM hookahs have a reputation of lasting a lifetime if taken care of and maintained properly. These hookahs are highly recommended gifts for the holiday season as they look beautiful and function incredibly well. Pick up a Khalil Mamoon Hookah for a loved one today before its too late. 


2. Oduman Ignis Heat Management System

Oduman Ignis

The Oduman Ignis is another great gift for the holiday season in 2017! The Ignis is a heat manager device for your hookah bowl. Rather than using tinfoil simply add this heat manager on top of the bowl, add your lit charcoals and your all set to smoke. No need to flip your charcoal as this heat manager has internal carriers to ensure your coals don't blackout. Another feature of the Oduman Ignis is its capability of holding three large cubed charcoal which no other heat manager on the market currently features. Pick up the Oduman Ignis for a loved one here.


3.Regal Prince Hookah Stem

Regal Prince Hookah Stem

The Regal Prince is another great hookah product on the market. Manufactured in San Diego, California, Regal hookahs are well known of their open draw when inhaling smoke. These are manufactured of exotic wood and high quality aerodynamic aluminum. The Regal prince is the perfect size standing at 27" with a glass hookah base. The Regal prince comes in two colour, redwood or nutwood. Pick this up at Oxide Hookah.


4. Hoob Apex C Mini Hookah

Hoob Apex Mini C Hookah

The Hoob Apex Mini C is a great hookah for those that appreciate modern design. Manufactured in Russia out of high quality materials the Hoob Mini is a desire to have based on its superior functionality and its favourable size standing at about 27". This hookah comes with the complete set including a hose, glass base and led lights to set the mood. Pick this hookah up for a loved one.


5. CocoUrth Hookah Charcoal

Cocourth Hookah Coals Cubes

CocoUrth Charcoals are made of 100% organic material. Being Eco-friendly, Cocourth uses coconut shell to manufacture its charcoal. Not a single tree is destroyed to manufacture this coal. Cocourth coal is known for long duration burn time and can last up to 1 hour per coal. These charcoals provide a clean flavoured session and do not contain any additives. Your beloved smoker is always gonna need charcoal so make sure to pick up a couple of boxes with your purchase!


6. Titanium Hookah Charcoal

Titanium Hookah Coals Flats 108 Pieces

Known to be one of the leading hookah charcoal worldwide, Titaniums are also made of 100% organic materials and provide you with a delightful hookah session. These coals are known to sustain a fair amount of heat and last 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on which size you go with. Highly recommended for those hookah enthusiasts on your gift list.


7. AOT Provost Heat Manager

AOT Apple On Top Provost Heat Manager  

The AOT Provost is another heat manger for your hookah bowl. This heat manager can be either used on its compatible hookah bowl, the AppleOnTop Bowl or can be used over foil on regular clay bowls to prolong your shisha sessions. It is fairly priced and is a great addition for those who enjoy smoking for a prolonged period of time. 


8. Harmony Retro Hookah Bowl

Harmony Hookah Bowl

The Harmony retro bowl is the perfect sized hookah bowl for those who like to preserve their shisha. This bowl hold usually 15-20 grams based on how you pack your bowl and also has the diameter to fit almost any heat manager. It is another HookahJohn product which means it is manufactured out of high quality USA clay. Each bowl is hand made in Orange County, California. Get one of these beauties for your daily smoker.


9. Alpaca Hookah Bowls

Alpaca Apache Bowl

Alpaca is another company that manufactures high quality hookah bowls. These are also manufactured in California, USA and come in a variety of unique colours. The difference between Alpaca bowls and other bowls are that these tend to be a little thicker which means that these bowls withstand heat and prevent any harshness or burning throughout your sessions. Alpaca is a highly reputable brand and their bowls really function well and compliment any hookah they rest on. Choose the Alpaca bowl for those who love quality design and functionality.


10. Aluminum D-Hose



 Lastly for our top 10 picks is the Aluminum D-Hose. The D-hose is great for those who love to smoke many different flavours. It comes with an aluminum handle and a silicone hose which fits almost any hookah on the market today! The D-Hose is dishwasher safe and can also withstand heats of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The silicone is also medical grade. Perfect for any hookah smoker and is a must have to compliment their hookah! Pick this bad boy up today in our hose collection.


And there you have it folks! Be sure to visit our main menu to view all of the different products we have and be sure to drop down your opinions in the comment section below. We hope you enjoyed our 10 Best Christmas gift ideas of 2017 blog post.

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